3 reasons why Rainbow Fluorite is a great crystal for friendship

Affirmation: I build strong and solid relationships and am empowered by the love of my friends.

I often chat at markets about how the rainbow fluorite crystal is a great stone for indecisiveness. It helps enhance mental clarity and can bring a more positive mindset when you’re in a tough situation. But did you know it’s also one of my favourite crystals to gift to friends? 

Here are 3 reasons why Rainbow Fluorite is a great crystal for friendship:

rainbow fluorite air plant holder1.     Using Rainbow Fluorite as a detox crystal

The detoxifying powers of the rainbow fluorite allow for a strong foundation when it comes to building relationships. Its ability to remove negative energies and replace them with positive vibes makes it a great addition to any space. If any emotional conflict were to occur, the rainbow fluorite can be gifted as an olive branch to help clear any miscommunications between the different parties. 

2.     Rainbow Fluorite increases understanding

The rainbow fluorite crystal provides those around it with a deeper connection to their own intuitions, which is also why I suggest it for indecisiveness.  It helps you tap into your true thoughts and feelings and increase clarity when it comes to any relationship. Placing the rainbow fluorite in a communal area aids in the positive communication among those in the space.


3.     Rainbow Fluorite provides emotional balance

As a calming stone, the rainbow fluorite excels at gently guiding you through any emotional chaos you may encounter. It increases your patience when dealing with anxiety-inducing dilemmas and helps you take things one step at a time – often an extremely helpful thing when it comes to maintaining relationships. 

Gifting rainbow fluorite presents an eagerness to positively communicate and reconnect. Its beautiful colours and unique shape and patterns is a nice added bonus to its spiritual appeal. 

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