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I get this question a lot: These plants seem easy enough to care for & the crystals are pretty and all, but do they actually work? 

about crystals

As much as I'd love to tell you that, YES, crystals heal all the things and give you all the good vibes. Just surround yourself with them and these good things listed here will come to you... that's not always the case. Let me explain.

Everything on this earth has its own vibrations, including you and me. The elements that make up a crystal have properties that can interact with individuals in very unique ways. However, you cannot assume an automatic connection. The heart and mind are both very powerful muscles that control each living being, which brings me to why, especially when it comes to crystals, intention is so important.  

While I'm at markets and even when I display products at stores, I include description cards that talk about the different properties of crystals. Of course, some people are already familiar with the varieties and their potential powers, but for those who aren't, this helps them gain insight into what's speaks to them and what their hearts are currently seeking.

You don't choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you.

Sometimes, without even knowing what your wants are, you may find yourself particularly drawn to a certain crystal. Its vibrations become so strong that you feel a need to pick it up. Your connection to the crystal is also a response from the universe, nudging you toward something you didn't even know you needed, but somehow makes perfect sense for your current state of mind. 

I know this could all sound kind of "woo-woo," but you can't deny the energies in the universe that are always at play. I can tell you as many times as you'd like that crystals work, but ultimately, it's your own belief and intention-setting that help you truly allow their influence.