All orders come with general plant care cards that help you care for your plant babies!

Place in a bright spot in the home. Every 10 days to 2 weeks, fully submerge air plant in room temperature water for 15-30 minutes. If using tap water, let the water sit out for a few hours/overnight to allow the chlorine to dissipate before watering your air plant. 

Air plants absorb all their nutrients through their leaves, so a water bath is the best way to provide it with a thorough drink. Be sure to shake off excess water & dry the plant upside down before putting the plant back in the holder to avoid rot. Lightly spritzing water on the plants in between baths can also be beneficial. 

I also occasionally give my plants a rain shower, when weather permits.

Pay attention to the state of your plants! Every home/office environment is different and a plant's watering needs can differ depending on the humidity and amount of light available. Underwatering is always better than overwatering!

Air plants are pet friendly.

Place in a bright spot in the home. Every 2-3 weeks, water with teaspoon to a tablespoon of room-temperature water. Because the area the succulents are planted in is so small, they can survive on a lot less.

When in doubt, feel the leaves of the plant. If they start to feel a little soft (as opposed to hardy & stiff), it could be time to give them some water. 

Eventually, your plants will outgrow your planter. When that happens, you can simply take them out and replant them into a bigger home! We do not use any adhesives to glue our plants :)