Why Citrine is the perfect crystal for Spring 2023

Affirmation: I choose the path of wealth and prosperity and walk it every day.

I know the weather’s still a little chilly outside (understatement) to be prepping for spring, but with so many colourful crystals coming into the warehouse (aka my basement), I can’t help but share my personal favourite during this season of growth!

citrine air plant holder with ionantha air plant, displayed with gift box and crystal description card and air plant care card


Citrine inspires imagination and aids in connecting us with the vibrant energies of spring. Having citrine in your space can spark new ideas for the of implementation of skills and clarity discovered during the winter period of introspection. It is the ideal crystal to help you move out of your comfort zones and start new adventures.  

Similar to the Tangerine Quartz, the Citrine’s cheerful colours are associated with optimism and positivity, allowing you to truly embrace the fresh start that comes with the spring season. 

Citrine also attracts wealth, prosperity and success. It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. 


citrine succulent planter with three succulents


Placing citrine in the south-east corner of your home or office allows for optimal abundance manifestation. If you wanted to use the citrine to up the overall positive vibrations of your space, place it closer to the centre of your living area.  

Please note that air plants and succulents both require at least some bright indirect sunlight to grow. Keeping that in mind, place your planters in a space that allows for this requirement while adhering to the energy guide above to ensure that both the plants and the crystal are in their optimal space. 

Its bright, beautiful colours and overwhelmingly positive vibrations make the citrine the perfect crystal for spring. Shop citrine crystals now.



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