Crystal guide to the month of love and self-love

Affirmation: I love myself, just as I am, today.

Although not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day as a holiday, it’s a good date to use as a reminder to be more intentional when it comes to expressing your love and gratitude, toward loved ones or internally. Practicing self-love and appreciation on a regular basis is incredibly beneficial to your mental and physical health. Remember, the most important relationship you have is with yourself.

Here are three Valentine’s Day healing crystals that will help guide you toward a calmer heart, filled with gratitude and love for the month of February.

rose quartz succulent planter

Rose Quartz

Let’s start with the obvious – rose quartz, often referred to as the stone of love. The calming energies of rose quartz helps to gently soothe any turmoil or uncertainty. It’s a healing crystal that promotes loyal and unconditional love. Gifting rose quartz shows the receiver how grateful you are to have them in your life and provides them with a sense of stillness and warmth.


Angel Aura Quartz Air Plant Holder


Angel Aura Quartz

Lift your vibrational energy with Angel Aura Quartz, a great healing crystal to help you attract the energy you want to receive. It’s a healing crystal that emits feelings of happiness and goodness.  Gifting Angel Aura Quartz aids the receiver in mental healing and ridding of negativity. Allow yourself to think more clearly using the Angel Aura Quartz, so you become more aware and intentional of where your love and energy should be directed.

moonstone air plant holder



Moonstone has always had an association with sleep, as its unique appearance is said to resemble moonbeams. I cannot stress enough how rest is such a key part of your self-love and self-care practice. It’s the ideal stone for you to get in touch with your true emotions, guiding you toward a clearer picture of how you feel. Gifting moonstone helps the receiver with balance and restoration, showing them how much you care about their overall wellbeing.

Regardless of what you think about Valentine's Day, it's undeniable that love is on the brain and in the heart in the month of February. Make sure to use this opportunity to practice self-love as well as show love to your nearest and dearest.  

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