Beating the winter blues... with plants

Now that the high of the holidays are behind us, the reality of winter is settling in. The days are colder, shorter and this year, more quiet than usual. Considering the overall benefits of plants, it isn't a surprise that greenhouses were overwhelmed as the pandemic hit over the summer. These new plant parents are now reaping the benefits of the greenery in their homes through these dreary months.

monstera deliciosa, house plants

There have been studies on how houseplants promote a more positive environment. Perhaps it's the pop of green as a visual stimulus that ignites a spark in the brain. Maybe it's the way plants quietly absorb toxins from the air, with some even expelling oxygen 24/7 (aloe vera). Whatever it may be, there's no denying that plants do contribute to a more joyful living space, especially during winter. 

That being said, a lot of houseplants also struggle during the winter. The limited hours of sunlight can make it hard for plants too... a plant version of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), if you will. Because they receive less sunlight during the winter, it takes a bit longer for soil to dry out. For the most part, it's safe to change up your watering schedule and give plant soil a few more days to dry fully before watering again. As with all plants during all seasons, how your plant thrives really depends on your environment, so watch for any changes and adjust accordingly.

This element of care also contributes to the positive aspects of owning a plant. The ability to take care of something other than myself also provides a sense of achievement, even if it's just for a tiny little air plant


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