Amethyst: The good-vibe crystal for the mama bears in your life

Affirmation: The energy of the universe is protecting me and all that I desire.

As a wide-ranging crystal, the Amethyst is one that makes for perfect gifts for all the mamas in your life. Below are a few properties that make this crystal an ideal gem for those you love this Mother's Day.

amethyst air plant holder

Promotes sleep: Who doesn't need to catch some more zzzs these days? The amethyst crystal emits calming energies that encourages restful shut-eye, keeping those racing thoughts at bay. Placing the stone in the bedroom helps maintain the overall serenity of the space, allowing mom to drift off to dreamland easier and quicker.

Stress relief: The day-to-day life of a mom differs for everyone, but everyday stressors can build up for anybody, despite your best efforts to mediate them. While allowing for better sleep, amethyst also aids in removing negative energies to relieve stress and other energy blockages. Using the amethyst to meditate draws this negativity-clearing power from the stone, allowing for more positive thoughts and clarity of mind.

Protection: Just as the amethyst clears negative energies, it also protects the space it's placed in from anxiety-inducing or harmful vibrations. Place by the front door on a console table to shield your space from any negativity that may enter your home.

With its vibrant purple hues and calming properties, the amethyst crystal is definitely a favourite to many. Make this Mother's Day extra special for mom by gifting her a one-of-a-kind piece.  

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