5 Healing Crystals in 2023 to start the your new year off right

Affirmation: I am the creator of my own happiness and I’m ready to do what it takes to start living my dream life.

The new year often brings about a new sense of purpose. You’re excited for the fresh start and the opportunity to take charge of your future. Perhaps you’ve even started meditating to get a clearer picture of what that future looks like. Maybe your New Year’s resolution includes adding (even) more plants into your space. 

Whatever you’re choosing to do this year, move along at your own pace. Allow yourself to get into a groove that makes sense for you. Here are five healing crystals that can help you with finding clarity in what you want for yourself in the year of 2023, so you can have your best year yet.  

clear quartz


The Clear Quartz crystal’s mind-clearing and stabilizing properties are ideal for clearing up that post-holiday haze. Keeping the crystal by your place of work helps bring your intentions to the forefront and keep them top of mind. Known as the “master-healer,” the Clear Quartz crystal has the ability to supercharge the effects of other healing crystals around it. 

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black obsidian

Protect your resolutions from negativity and self-doubt with the obsidian stone. Starting the new year right takes willpower and mental strength, and the obsidian’s ability to block psychic attack will benefit those who require extra support. Use obsidian to dissolve emotional blockages and leave any unloving thoughts behind. 

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black tourmaline feldspar


Combining the protective properties of black tourmaline with the self-esteem-boosting qualities of feldspar, this stone does double duty when it comes to helping you start the new year on the right foot. As it’s easy to get overwhelmed with ideas for New Year’s resolutions, stay grounded with the Black Tourmaline & Feldspar stone to keep your aspirations in line with your intentions. 

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pink tourmaline


With properties similar to that of the Rose Quartz crystal, Pink Tourmaline encourages love and self-love. More specifically, Pink Tourmaline promotes better listening and understanding, while helping calm those with anxiety. These qualities make it the perfect stone for those who are concerned about the new year and all it could bring, helping you calmly assess your options as you continue with the months ahead.

Pink Tourmaline Air Plant Holder


chevron amethyst


Focus on personal and spiritual growth with the Chevron Amethyst crystal, a stone that helps you become more in tune with what the universe is directing you toward. It also aids in decision-making, providing guidance to what works best for you in any situation. Allow your mind to wander more freely this new year with the Chevron Amethyst crystal, as it leads you to the path you truly wish to be on. 

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I hope you bookmark and revisit this page often throughout the year to remind yourself of the intentions you set and the steps you took to make them a reality. Although it’s only January at the time of this writing, try to see each month, each week, or even each day as a new beginning that can change the outcome of your future. Happy New Year! 🥳 




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