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 The countdown continues! Today was filled with product-making, lots of stamping, and preparing orders for shipment. I started the day buying bags at Creative Bag in Toronto. It seems like OOAK isn't offering reusable bags this year at the show (COVID reasons), so I figured that more bags would probably be a good idea. 

So thankful that my lovely cousin Vanessa lended a hand in doing all the stamping! This freed up time for me to work on orders and product... which took longer than I anticipated. I'm also currently hooked on Season 3 of the show You on Netflix so I only got about 5 hours of sleep last night, which probably didn't help. 

Today's OOAK tip(s): Take all the help you can get & don't leave the boring things until last minute. A lot of the times, I assume quick and mundane tasks (like stamping) would not hinder my progress, but I am always wrong lol -- especially when I'm stamping bags and boxes at these quantities. Also, pay attention to new posts in the One of a Kind Artisans Facebook group! A lot of things are asked and answered about the show by other vendors, and could remind you of details you forgot.

If you'd like more of a visual on my day, check out Pine Flora on TikTok or Instagram :)

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