2022 Crystal Gift Guide: Send good vibes this holiday season
(because we all need it)

pine flora holiday post

The holidays can often be a stressful time. This year, they’re even tougher. It can be hard to make gifting top of mind when you have the weight of the world casually chilling on your shoulders. As we ease into November and the countdown starts toward a new year, I seriously just want to send EVERYONE reading this some really good vibes. Like, ALL. THE. GOOD. VIBES.

Use this list as a guideline for gifting crystals to the special people in your life in need of a metaphysical boost.

rose quartz


For the hopeless romantic: The soft, pink hues of rose quartz matches an individual who sees the world through rose-coloured glasses. Gifting rose quartz helps the receiver heal with love and self-love. It nurtures the soul and encourages compassion and harmony.

Gift options:
Rose Quartz Succulent Planter, Rose Quartz Air Plant Holder



amethyst air plant holder pine flora


For the peace-seeker:
brings calmness to turbulent emotions. It helps relax the mind and enhances sleep. It brings clarity to stressful situations, especially in the workplace. Gifting amethyst helps the receiver find stillness, even during difficult times.

Gift options:
Amethyst Succulent Planter, Amethyst Air Plant Holder

pyrite air plant holder pine flora


For the career-driven:
Help the boss-man/boss-babe in your life stay alert and goal-oriented with the citrine crystal. It is similar to pyrite in its ability to stimulate abundance and success, and also attracts happiness with its warm and energizing yellow hues.  

Gift options:
Citrine Air Plant HolderPyrite Air Plant Holder

orange calcite succulent planter pine flora

For the creative:
Inspire the artist in your life with calcite, a stone that helps the creative juices flow. When crafting a short story or working on an art project, keep calcite close to nurture your ideas and watch them flourish.

Gift options:
Orange Calcite Succulent Planter

agate air plant holder

For the homebody:
The gentle and stabilizing qualities of agate makes it perfect for those who love a chill night in. It helps increase balance and relieves anxiety, ideal for self-care Sundays, placed on the edge of a calming bathtub, beside a lavender-scented candle.

Gift Options:
Agate Air Plant Holder

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